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Breanne Was Suffering From Low Back Pain, See How We Helped Her...

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(Watch the Videos Below To See Just a Few Of The Many Patients We Have Been Able to Help)
Watch Mike's Success Story!
Mike suffered from auto accident injuries.  Watch how Mike got relief from his pain and back to living a normal life again.
Watch Keith's Success Story!
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Keith Owen shares how he has been able to continue martial arts as a result of working with Dr. Woolner
Watch Matt's Success Story!
 A nagging knee injury was preventing Matt from running and coaching his son's baseball team.  See how Matt got help.
Watch Rick's Success Story!
Certified Crossfit Trainer, Rick Davenport works with Dr. Woolner.  See his story and how he was able to improve his training.
Watch Breanne's Success Story!
Breanne injured her back while working out.  Watch her story of how she was able to get help and resume her passion of fly fishing.
Watch Russell's Success Story!
Renowned author and business expert, Russell Brunson sought the help of Dr. Woolner to help him take his health to higher levels.
Watch Deanna's Success Story!
Deanna Struggled with a low back injury that prevented her from her passion of Roller Derby.  See how she got help.
Watch Kelly's Success Story
Kelly was suffering from a debilitating shoulder problem.  Watch how she was finally able to get help from Dr. Woolner.
Conditions That We Commonly and Successfully Treat

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems that we treat at our clinic.  Nearly 80% of the population will experience debilitating back pain in their life.  Dr. Woolner has years of experience in successfully treating a variety of different types of back pain naturally without drugs or surgery.

Neck Pain

Like back pain, neck pain is a very common problem that we treat.  There are a wide range of causes behind neck pain.  Frequently we see neck pain due to injuries, poor posture, prolonged and/or standing or sitting.  We get excellent results with our neck pain cases because we are often able to treat the root cause of the problem.

Shoulder Pain

There are a number of different ways we can develop shoulder pain.  Whether it be from an injury, overuse, or some other type of shoulder problem, we see a lot of shoulder cases and we get excellent results treating them conservatively.


Far too often, patients first seek help for their headaches by using pharmaceuticals.  Rarely does this approach provide any lasting solution.  We have an excellent track record of successfully treating headaches with an approach that not only helps with the symptoms but corrects the cause of these headaches and provides lasting results.   

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our clinic consistently sees auto accident cases each and every month.  Throughout the years we have continued to see incredible results in helping patients recover from injuries sustained in auto accidents.

Sport Related Injuries

Whether its a sprained ankle, knee injury, or other sports related injuries, we see quite a few of these.  We are able to quickly diagnose the problem, determine if any advanced imaging or referrals are necessary, and ultimately provide effective conservative care for many sports injuries.
We Use A Proven, Simple 3 Step Process To Help Our Patients:

Step #1:  Thorough Examination

First, Dr. Woolner will do an initial assessment to locate the exact source and cause of your problem.

Step #2:  Treatment Plan

Next, Dr. Woolner will give you an honest, straight-forward, no-pressure treatment plan designed to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and to ultimately help you get back to your normal life.

Step #3:  Long Term Strategies

Last but certainly not least, Dr. Woolner will provide you with long term, at home care strategies that will allow you to keep on top of you health and allow you to remain pain free and fully functional.
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